Family Best Care modernizes and streamlines their systems to better serve staff and clients.

The Business:
With nurses, certified nursing assistants, home-care aides and live-in caregivers on staff, Family Best Care provides in-home care including assistance with medication and other personal needs, meal preparation, transportation to appointments and companionship.  Family Best Care also provides assisted living caregiving services such as Hospice and respite services, including care for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

Company: Family Best Care, LLC.
Location: Western Washington state
Industry: Home Healthcare
No. of Employees:

Family Best Care had been dependent upon a 3rd party software solution that was based on a modified open source program in order to run the business. This meant that the software and systems in place were not an ideal fit for their unique challenges.  Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with the lack of structure, Family Best Care found that not only were they doing work-arounds on key processes within the organization, but they had no one advising them how to improve and streamline tasks and processes that were right for their company.

Problems & Challenges

Family Best Care has over 100 staff supporting clients across a geographic area of 260 miles throughout western Washington state. It had become clear that manual processes, workarounds and outdated technology, communication, and document management, were not adequately serving staff or clients.

Challenging user experience for staff

The out-of-the box software system that was in place was not intuitive and had been altered to work with the business in such a way that users had to remember “rules” about the ways to work around the specific quirks such as storing data in a field with a different name or using *this* particular set of fields for their data, but avoid using *those* fields.  This also meant that training of new employees on the system was difficult without a standard process and simplified user experience.

Poor communication

Family Best Care staff are distributed across western Washington state. In order to see where they needed to go for their shift, or to get contact information for clients, staff had to call the office and have someone text them an address or phone number. This regularly meant an average of 20 calls to the office every day for information. This caused a bottleneck in communication, ultimately impacting the service to clients.

Ineffective document management

There was not an effective system for securely managing client and employee data and it was difficult to pull reports and conduct analysis in order to run the business efficiently.

Inefficient manual processes

Invoicing and payroll were painful manual processes for Family Best Care.  Twice a month 4 employee days were dedicated to manually compiling lists of people to pay, calculating then validating pay amounts and building invoices for clients.



















The Custom Software Solution

The new Family Best Care software package is allowing for efficient role-based activities that maximize the caregiving experience and allow the company to deliver ever-increasing value to their clients.

Employee Management

Employee shifts can be quickly and easily scheduled with repeated schedules made easier with a shift cloning tool.

Streamlined processes and tools

Using a mobile app, employees can clock in and out, manage tasks, and communicate with team members and the office. Management can now efficiently track employee work times and manage payroll as well as generate customer invoices effortlessly from employee work times with the click of a button.

Project & Document Management

Reporting, task management, and document management are now much easier with their custom solution. Tasks can be assigned to employees and projects can be monitored through the admin console. Administrative reports for work times, billable hours, revenues, and more can now be generated and all documents and contracts associated with customers and employees are always organized and available.


With the creation of a mobile app in addition to the new web tool, employee communications and collaboration has been streamlined. Email, text, and in-app messaging has been implemented so that communication with customers and employees is done via their preferred method. The development of a customer portal allows customers to log-in to check and validate service schedules, greatly improving transparency and the customer experience.

With the solution that CoActiveSoft built, time tracking is so much easier. I no longer have to deal with caregivers not calling in.

Administrator - Family Best Care

Since CoActiveSoft created one centralized software solution that is a perfect fit for my company, I have been able to grow my business while cutting down on the time I spend in the office.

Abigael Wangombe
Owner - Family Best Care


With streamlined processes, an efficient and integrated software solution Family Best Care is now able to devote more time to client care, improve the experience for staff, and feel comfortable scaling the business knowing that they have the data they need to make informed decisions.

Improvement Metrics:


days per year saved on payroll activities


hours regained from streamlined staff communication


growth of business

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